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Welcome to Shared Planet Solutions!  We’re thrilled you stopped by.
Through these pages, you will find products, services, and practical information to help you be kinder to the environment, for both businesses and families, by applying the proven principles of responsible reducing, reusing and recycling.  In the process, you will benefit by saving money and time.  Best of all, we help make it as simple and affordable as possible so it easy for you to do the right thing.

We are continuously adding new information, products, and services, so please check back often!

What we offer...


Product Purpose
Reusable Drinkware To replace their disposable counterparts, which are not environmentally-friendly.
Reusable Bags To replace their disposable counterparts, which are absolutely horrible for our planet.


Program Purpose
Certified Bottled Water Free Zone To help governments, corporations, organizations, and families successfully avoid bottled water, and recognize their achievement.


Service Purpose
R4 Assessments Helping organizations and families make a difference everyday by considering reasonable ways to improve your lifestyle while benefiting the planet.
Green-sense Events Saving the planet one event at a time.
Public Recycling Deployment Because forever in a landfill is a real long time.
Rainwater collection system services Practical solutions for conserving water.

Resources for sustainable living

Resource Purpose
Sustainable Checklists To make it as easy as possible to do the right thing.

Additional content is being added at this time, so please bookmark and check back often.

What's New...

  • We've happy to announce that we've added Tervis Tumblers to our reusable drinkware product line!

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